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The air-raid shelter

A visit
in the air-raid shelter system of the Obersalzberg is an experience that can give you the creeps. Parts of this system are directly underneath the hotel.
If you
are interested you can visit a part of the widely distributed air-raid shelter system from here, because there is an entrance to this system.

The biography
of the air-raid shelter system can be read in several books, which you can view and may buy in our kiosk and the hotel.

Opening hours / summer:
Open until Wednesday, 31st of October 2018
daily (except Tuesday) from 10 am until 3 pm
Company Holidays from 1st of November until 25th of December 2018
1st November 2018 temporarely closed
for Company Holidays

are “alarm-protected” and “video-monitored!”
“Misuse” is reported and will cause criminal charges!

Opening hours / winter:
from 26th December 2018 until 7th January 2019
Open daily from 10am  to  2pm !
( Closed from  8th of January 2019 )

Group requests and reservation (15 people or more)

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