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Chronological history of the Hotel “Zum Türken”
The origins of the house “Zum Türken” go back to the 1630s. In 1911, the foundation stone of the present building was laid. In 1933 was the "expropriation" of the hotel.

Due to the special geographical location, the entire area was bombed in 1945 and the hotel building was heavily damaged. The great-grandmother of the current operator bought back the ruin from the state of Bavaria in 1949.

The beginning of the recent story of the hotel began very difficult, only with 4 guest rooms. Since 1958, the hotel consists in its present form and was operated until January 1971 by Therese Partner and then by Ingrid Scharfenberg, her daughter.
According to family tradition Monika Scharfenberg-Betzien has taken over the operation in 2013.

1948, the widow of Karl Schuster strove for the reparation process.
In December 1949, after an unspeakable wrangling with the authorities, Therese Partner finally could purchase the property back for 69,000.00 DM from the state of Bavaria.

Until February 2013, the owner, Ingrid H. Scharfenberg went on to continue the business of the hotel " Zum Türken " , always with the motto: "Nothing is so difficult as it would not lift ."

Special thanks at this point to all the numerous guests of the “Zum Türken” and also for the always returning guests from home and abroad.

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